Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 2009

Yes, it's official: I am running 26.2 miles on January 12, 2010. I am very excited, anxious and nervous! I ran six miles on Sunday and remembered how hard, yet rewarding long runs can be. While I was exhausted by the end, I felt amazing once I stopped. I must admit, running in this heat and humidity takes some of the fun out of running, but come this fall, it will feel awesome!

Otherwise, the loves of my life are all doing great! Nathan is nearing the walking stage, Gavin is talking like crazy and Grant is my rock. Without his support, I wouldn't be able to do any of the crazy things I tackle in life!

Here are some pics. Enjoy!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


My resolution's been a while since I've blogged...but now I am blogging about not blogging, so all is good. =)

My boys are growing oh-so-fast. Nathan just cut his 1st two teeth and is trying to crawl. Gavin is beginning to talk like crazy and will be starting school this fall! So exciting.

Stroller Strides (is still my life!) is going great. The summer heat is approaching, but we have such a great group of moms -- we can take on the heat, LOL!

My friends and I started a running club - Moms on the Run - and we are having a ton of fun. We began with 12 moms training for a 5k. We are now 6-weeks into our training and the moms are doing great! They all just ran their first 3 mile run tonight. Whoohoo! =)

And, I've made the committment to RUN AGAIN! Only this time, a full marathon in Houston this coming January. 26.2 miles I come.

Here are some pics of the boys and friends. I hope you enjoy!!


Monday, February 23, 2009

1/2 Marathon...Completed!

So, last weekend we finished our first half marathon. It was an amazing course, with "amazing" hills! We finished in our goal time of 2 1/2 hours (well, 2 hrs 33 min)...woohoooo!

Those hills were brutal, so I was thankful for the strength training we do during Stroller Strides recovery was great! I am ready to run again, one week later!

The girls I ran with, Kristy and Rachelle, were awesome and also finished in their goal times...and my hubby was a rockstar! He completed the whole thing with minimal training...though he lost his knee caps on mile 11. Love you babe!

I think I'll sign up for the Houston full marathon. Anyone want to join me? Any takers, any takers?

Fit moms really do rock!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Year's February!

Okay, so I realize it is February, but here I am completing one of my resolutions. I want to blog, I love to blog, and so I must...Blog!

Many exciting things are happening this time of year. Gavin is nearly potty-trained, Nathan is 5 months old and roles over like a pro, and Grant and I are in the midst of training for our first HALF MARATHON!! Yes, that's right, 13.1 miles on foot.

If you ask me why, I'll just smile and say, because. But when I think about it, the answer to that questions is really, why not! God has blessed me with good health, a great family, and a lifestyle to support a very active motherhood. I am excited to add this to my list of accomplishments.

The other day, I was out with my friend Kristy on a 6 mile run. It was 8 a.m. and there we were, pushing our children in jogging Strollers, enjoying the beautiful day that it was. I took in the clean fresh air with a rush. "This feels awesome!!!!" I thought to myself. Here I am, mother of two, running. Simply running. And I loved it. =)

Okay, so enough about the running...I am pleased to say that Stroller Strides classes are going great! We have a wonderful group of mommies who love to work out and talk as much as I doesn't get any better! Everyday I am inspired by the moms in my group. And everyday I am thankful to have the opportunity to know these women.

I feel oh-so-lucky to a wonderful husband who supports me in all I do. He's even running the half marathon with me (THANKS BABE!) which is so exciting. He says next we will train for a triathalon together. I tried not to laugh out loud, but I am pretty sure he heard me, Haha! Actually, if I could learn how to breath when I swim, I'd love too!

Okay, signing out for now. My goal is to blog once per week. So...see you next week!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

And baby makes 4!

Hello Everyone. Meet Nathan Scott Almquist, born August 26, 2008 at 10:32 a.m. What a perfect day! Nathan joined us at the perfect time -- 3 weeks early and before Hurricane Ike visited the the gulf coast.

I am currently on maternity leave from Stroller Strides...and missing it very much, though between sleepless nights and almost hourly feedings, it's nice to have the break.

So, here are some photos of the newest edition, as well as his big brothe Gavin. What a perfect little team the two make. I foresee a future of fun!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Today was the best!

Today was the best class! I am reminded everyday how fortunate I am to teach Stroller Strides classes - and be surrounded by amazing women. To all you women in my Stroller Strides classes, you really lift my spirits and keep me going! You are all so wonderful...okay, okay, I know, I am pregnant and hormonal. I'll stop being mushy.

On another note, we find out this Wednesday, April 30, if our 2nd child will be a boy or girl. I am so excited!

AND...Valerie, a good friend and former Stroller Strides member will host her Grand Opening of Stroller Strides in Memorial Park. Wooohooo! Congrats Val. =)

Okay, here are some pictures of some recent SS classes at Bear Creek Park.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring time!

So it's spring time and I am in the midst of planning a fun spring event for my stroller strides classes. I am hoping to get new moms to sign up - and stress the importance of pre AND postnatal exercise for mom and baby!

Not only does it help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it decreases the occurance of post-partum depression, post-pregnacy aches and pains and most importantly, it helps keep you sane! :-)

That said, as a mother of a 17 month old and expecting baby number two in September, I am now remembering how difficult it can be to drag yourself out of bed each morning, take care of baby, pets and yourself -- and get out the door in-time to teach my Stroller Strides classes. I once again, emphasize with the pregnant mommy, but now I also remember the importance of exercise during pregnancy.

Once I get to class, I am ALWAYS glad to be there, both for the exercise and the social support that I give AND recieve from my members.

Bottom line, exercise is important...and a lot more fun when you are with other mommies! =)

So, no matter how tired you are, drag yourself out of bed, eat a healthy breakfast, and hit the pavement with your stroller. You'll be glad you did!!!

Stroller Strides ROCKS!